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Alexander Maikowski

“What defines me is that I am persistent while having a soft core. I want to crack the game of life, not only grasp it but understand it.”
“At the age of five I have been doing arts already. At that time I started to create my own comic characters.”
Born 1967 in Bensburg close to Cologne, Alexander experienced a free and beautiful childhood, feeling the need to artistically express himself at a pretty early stage. At the age of 6, he already started to play the recorder, soon adding singing, guitar, bass, percussion instruments and at the age of 10, the art of painting to his repertoire.
“I have to be able to bathe in the painting, then I am happy”
Alexander, who now lives and works in Cologne, feels the strong need, he would even call it a force, to express himself and his for him incomprehensible inner processes. He uses art as a medium, which allows him to bring whole worlds into existence without planning it in detail or even thinking about it. Mysticism is a recurring theme through all his artworks, which all include autobiographical elements. After deciding in 2001 to solely devote himself to the visual art, he has been focusing on the symbolist surreal Pop Art and phonologies expressed through painting since 2005.
“I endeavour to convey to the viewer that everybody is right and no system of thought should be judged, as the invented will always come back to the unit.
In our modern global world where borders become more and more blurred and where perspectives of a wide range hit each other, Alexander wants to emphasize the factor of relativity through his artworks. Due to language, character, environment and different systems existing next to each other, everybody carries his own world within him and outwardly, while using his very own points of reference.
“I want to create friction, I want to provoke, I want people to talk about my art, enjoy it, discuss it, make fun of it, shudder… – I leave that to the viewer.”
Alexander, whose artworks have been shown at diverse solo and group exhibitions with a focus on Pop Art since 1997, wants his viewers to engage with his paintings, as he wishes to move and touch people as well as cause astonishment in them with the stories he tells through his art.